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Tasty Travels: San Francisco’s Boudin Bakery New recipes

Tasty Travels: San Francisco’s Boudin Bakery

Photo by Kailla CoomesSan Francisco is known for their sourdough. Bakeries serve this delectable bread on nearly every corner. Boudin Bakery is one of the first founding fathers of Sourdough French Bread. It began in 1849 when French immigrant, Isidore Boudin traveled to America and created this bread that is loved by all.

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‘The Art of Food’ Brings Art to (Edible) Life at New York’s Sotheby’s New recipes

‘The Art of Food’ Brings Art to (Edible) Life at New York’s Sotheby’s

More than 20 restaurants served dishes inspired by works of art at the Feb. 4 eventDan MyersThe event was held in one of Sotheby& 39;s main auction rooms.Last weekend, Sotheby’s hosted a unique walk-around tasting in one of its main auction rooms, called The Art of Food. Hosted by chef Geoffrey Zakarian and his wife Margaret, the event gathered more than 20 local restaurants under one roof to serve art-inspired dishes to the well-heeled crowd.

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Restaurant Offers Free Food to Heavy Customers New recipes

Restaurant Offers Free Food to Heavy Customers

Another restaurant has come up with a terrible free food promotionWikimedia/ZakupakA restaurant in China is weighing customers at the door and offering free meals to any customer over 286 pounds.Just when it looked like no terrible restaurant promotion could beat the ones that offered free food to skinny women or free food to people who were rated “most beautiful” by a panel of plastic surgeons, a restaurant in China has started offering free food to “fat diners.

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Cheese balls and cheese New recipes

Cheese balls and cheese

Grate the cheese together with the cheese in a large bowl. Beat the eggs with the beer and pour over the cheese and cheese. add flour, breadcrumbs, pepper. Form the balls and give them through the breadcrumbs. Fry the balls over medium heat and take them out in a bowl lined with a kitchen napkin to drain the excess oil.

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One Night Stand Cocktail New recipes

One Night Stand Cocktail

You’ll definitely want to spend more than one night with this tequila cocktailFew flavors complement tequila better than fresh citrus. But put that tired old lime away and mix up the flavors of orange, grapefruit, and lemon for something new and exciting.This recipe is courtesy of Felt Bar & Lounge.

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