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Gwyneth Paltrow Stopped Eating Red Meat Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio and More Celebrity News

Gwyneth Paltrow Stopped Eating Red Meat Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio and More Celebrity News

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Restaurant Buzz

Jennifer Lawrence had breakfast with pals at LA hot spot Tavern. [US]

Carey Mulligan and husband Marcus Mumford went for a stroll and grabbed coffee at La Colombe Torrefaction in Manhattan’s East Village. [Just Jared]

Olivia Munn and boyfriend Joel Kinnaman had lunch at Joan’s on Third in West Hollywood. [Just Jared]

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Tom Selleck, Ann Coulter, and Donny Deutsch had dinner at Elio’s in New York City’s Upper East Side. [NY Post]

Christina Aguilera dined at chef Marc Murphy’s Landmarc in Manhattan’s Time Warner Center. [NY Post]

Seen & Heard

Jennifer Lopez pushed her twins Max and Emme in the cart as they were grocery shopping at Ralph’s Market in Calabasas, Calif. [US]

Hilary Duff cooked lamb chops for dinner for hubby Mike Comrie. [Twitter/HilaryDuff]

Arrow’s Colton Haynes continues his love affair with waffles. [WhoSay/ColtonLHaynes]

Nikki Reed made a comfort food dinner of macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, and vegetables for friends. [WhoSay/NikkiReed]

Kim Kardashian had a busy week. The star celebrated sister Kourtney’s birthday with an Hèrmes-themed cake, went on a late-night Dylan’s Candy Bar run, and had dinner with celebrity pals including model Bar Refaeli and best friend designer Rachel Roy. [Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

Rihanna celebrated 4/20 with not one, but two pot-themed cakes in Miami. [Instagram/BadGalRiRi]

A-list celebrities including Ben Affleck, Sophia Bush, and Josh Groban are vowing to eat on $1.50 a day as part of their pledge to the Live Below the Line initiative. [US]

Lauren Graham talks about her, what seems like, life-long diet to More magazine. [More]

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2013's Most Beautiful Woman in the World, told Britain’s The Observer that Leonardo DiCaprio turned her off to red meat back in the '90s when he was a vegetarian. [The Guardian]

Is Gwyneth the new Martha Stewart ?

Gwyneth Paltrow is accomplished at many things: She’s an Oscar-winning actress and a TV sensation. She’s the wife of a rock star and a blossoming singer herself, with performances at the Oscars, Grammys and Country Music Awards under her belt. And with a new cookbook, “My Father’s Daughter,” out today, she’s gunning to be the next Martha Stewart.

And — wait for it — food and brand experts say she can pull it off.

“Every food celebrity appeals to us as a surrogate family member,” says journalist Allen Salkin, who is working on a book about the rise of the food celebrity. “Martha is your crafty aunt, and so in the family of food celebrities, I could see Gwyneth as your slightly kooky but sweet sister.”

Her publisher is certainly putting its money where its mouth is. Grand Central has already ordered a second pre-publication print run of “My Father’s Daughter,” and the book has been steadily rising on Amazon’s Top 100 best-seller list for more than a week thanks to pre-order sales. Meanwhile, it’s rumored that Paltrow’s partnering up with Hearst to launch her own magazine, in the style of Stewart, though the publishing corporation has denied this.

But who is Gwyneth, the brand?

Her audience definitely skews younger than Martha’s demographic (the 11 million readers of Martha Stewart Living are overwhelmingly female homeowners, median age 48), but her challenge is to broaden it beyond the fashion-conscious urban elite. “The thing about Gwyneth is she really does have hip and cool down. She’s in that world, but it’s not too indie. It’s not Chloe Sevigny. She’s mainstream. She’s true Hollywood,” says one lifestyle- brand expert who consults food celebrities and spoke on condition of anonymity.

She’ll also get the mommy vote. Though hubby Chris Martin is noticeably absent from her book’s pages, which focus on simple, healthful recipes to be enjoyed at the family table, her two children, Apple, 6, and Moses, 5, play an important role. Apple is said to be a vegetarian, and there’s a quote from her declaring, “I’m not gluten free but I like gluten-free food.” There are even glossy photographs of Paltrow, 38, cooking with her children, giving an intimate look into their happy domestic lives.

“[The book is] probably going to appeal to a lot of young moms — people who want to cook healthy for their kids,” says Lee Schrager, founder and director of the Food Network NYC Wine & Food Festival.

Both icy blondes, Stewart and Paltrow also had somewhat similar beginnings. Although Stewart, 69, was a professional caterer before she branched out into cookbooks with “Entertaining” in 1982, both the multimillionaire lifestyle guru and Paltrow are self-taught home cooks.

In the early ’60s, when she was starting out, Stewart worked as a model, appeared in ads for brands such as Tareyton cigarettes and was named one of Glamour’s “Best Dressed College Girls” in 1961. Famously fashion-forward Paltrow has been the face of cosmetics giant Estée Lauder and boasts an impossibly lean, statuesque figure.

On the cover of “My Father’s Daughter,” she sports a sailor shirt that manages to be both approachable (it’s something anyone might find in their closet) and effortlessly chic (Jean Seberg in “Breathless,” anyone?). While many find her flawlessness unapproachable, it could be her big selling point.

“Listen, Martha is a very attractive woman. [But] people relate to Martha more like your neighbor next door,” says Schrager. “I don’t know that my neighbor looks like Gwyneth. That she is beautiful and talented is the reason we’re talking about her.”

And while Paltrow’s homey, easy-to-follow style is far from the elaborate spreads that made Stewart a household name, her approach appears to be true to who she is.

“As long as she’s not claiming to be something she’s not, she’s fine,” says Salkin.

But this, some argue, is part of the problem, considering that the flaxen-haired actress has been largely known for what she doesn’t eat. A longtime adherent to a strictly organic, local and macro diet, she rid her body of dairy, sugar, meat, alcohol and gluten after her father Bruce was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998.

It’s hard to imagine her chowing down on rotisserie-style roast chicken and “Grandad Danner’s Favorite Peanut Butter Cookies,” both recipes featured in the new book, with any regularity — even if Mario Batali vouches for her voracious appetite in the book’s forward. “GP can effortlessly down a whole pan of perfect paella in Valencia,” he enthuses.

Paltrow, however, has shifted her diet of late. These days, she follows a “flexitarian” regime — she limits sugar and dairy, occasionally eats chicken and fish, eschews red meat (Leonardo DiCaprio once lectured her about the brutality of factory-farmed animals) and emphasizes health-store staples such as Vegenaise, a vegan mayonnaise substitute (“one of my favorite things on the planet”).

“The fact that she’s a ‘flexitarian’ is great because people have a hard time hearing ‘no, no, no,’” says the lifestyle brand expert, who goes on to caution, “[but] I don’t think you can be evangelical about it. She has to have the right balance, because if you become too vigilant, you risk turning off as many people as you might gain.”

Paltrow certainly has proved she has a long-term passion for food and lifestyle pursuits — and the audience to boot. In 2008, she launched the lifestyle newsletter and Web site, which delivered weekly exhortations on 21-day detox diets and $60 bottles of olive oil — a hobby that was roundly ridiculed by critics who labeled her “out of touch.”

Yet her lifestyle brand is clearly growing. is said to have 150,000 subscribers. She toured Spain with superstar-chef pal Batali for the PBS TV series “Spain . . . On the Road Again” (even if food pundits carped about her refusal to eat jamon).

With her cookbook, Paltrow’s heart seems to be in the right place. Dedicated to her father, producer/director Bruce Paltrow, who died in 2002, she writes in the introduction that “I always feel closest to my father . . . when I am in the kitchen.” They began cooking together when she was a teen. In one of the book’s more poignant passages, she says that when he was diagnosed with cancer, she “became convinced that he could heal himself with good foods and alternative medicine, even if he was resistant to the (perhaps naive) idea.”

Salkin says her earnestness is a plus. “I don’t think [the book] is a cynical calculation by Gwyneth. I’m sure it’s coming from a heartfelt place. That’s the beauty of the food celebrity and why the food celebrity is so marketable now. The public wants authenticity and safety in their celebrities.”

Schrager agrees. “I think the fact that she is a mom makes her more accessible, more like the girl next door. Whether it’s true or not, wouldn’t you like to think that she’s cooking dinner for her kids every night? I would.” The public seems to agree. It has been reported that her Q Score, which measures familiarity and appeal, has never been higher.

But if she’s going to increase her popularity, she needs to focus. “Martha understood how to cook and garden and cater and decorate, and those are the pillars of her brand,” says the expert. “I think with Gwyneth, maybe she’s coming out of understanding how to act and sell, but she needs to further define what her content is.”

Everyone agrees that if Paltrow’s going to do this properly, she has to do it 100 percent — and give up acting, singing and TV appearances that don’t enhance her brand. “If you want to get really serious about this, you need to be a total machine and integrate all of your messaging at all times,” continues the brand expert.

Adds Salkin, “It’s a 24-hour-a-day job and unless Gwyneth wants to put aside all of her other interests, I don’t see her as the next Martha Stewart. Now if she wants to give it that kind of commitment, who knows?”

In other words, the greatest lesson supermommy Gwyneth needs to learn is you really shouldn’t do it all.


Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the first advocates of a vegan lifestyle. When she released her super clean cookbook It's All Good and revealed that she avoids feeding her children pasta, bread or rice because it is 'bad for them', a nation of mothers were quick to pass comment.

But now it seems that veganism is starting to make a dent into Brit's lifestyles. The Vegan Society has seen a 40 per cent rise in people signing up to its temporary menu this year.

Famous fans: Beyonce and Jay Z have previously tried out the vegan diet and Beyonce even feasted on vegan treats to celebrate the end of her Mrs Carter show

Could they have been inspired by Beyonce and Jay-Z, who went vegan for 22 days as part of a 'spiritual and physical cleanse'?.

Either way, there's been a knock on effect. Veganuary - a pro Vegan campaign - saw 3,200 people commit to veganism at the start of the year.

Mintel also discovered that the UK market for meat-free products such as tofu was put at £625 million in 2013, which is up 21 per cent from five years ago.

Natasha Corrett, author of Victoria Beckham and Millie Mackintosh's favourite cookbook, Honestly Healthy , said: 'Part-time veganism for me is a fancy way of describing a healthy balanced diet.

'I think the more people have a higher plant-based lifestyle, the more they will feel the health benefits within days.

'We, as a nation, eat way too much meat which is extremely acid forming for the body. The more vegan based, fresh nutritious alkaline foods we can consume to help counter balance this the better.

'I think the reason that people are sticking to it is because they feel better and realise that this is the way to live a healthy balanced life.'

Calgary Avansino, the glossy, glamorous and super healthy Vogue wellbeing editor, also swears by the vegan lifestyle.

30-something Calgary, who is dubbed the 'unofficial health expert' at Vogue Towers, has revealed her secrets to clean living for herself and her two children, and carbs and junk food are most certainly off the menu.

Clean and green: Miranda Kerr (left) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are huge fans of green juices and follow a part-time vegan diet

She's at it too! Millie Mackintosh has become quite the domestic goddess lately and recently shared this snap of her gluten-free banana bread ingredients

The stylish blonde explained to Sunday Times Style magazine how she feels more passionate about good food than anything else in the world and can't imagine raising her two children to live on unhealthy foods.

'In a nutshell, our weekly 80 per cent parameters are: no wheat, no cow’s milk, no processed white stuff, very little dairy and animal protein, no high-fructose corn syrup, no fizzy drinks, no candy, and, on the flip side, loads of dark green vegetables, fruit, good grains, protein-packed legumes and beans, nuts and fish,' she said in a recent interview.

'Now, before you roll your eyes and damn me for ever to the most-annoying-mother category, I will reassure you that of course my kids beg me for sweets and of course they want crisps every time we stop for petrol.

'However, they also regularly ask me to make veggie burgers, quinoa stir-fries and kale chips.

'My aim is just to keep the ratio of goodness in my favour and offer them quality options at every opportunity. When you have the choice of a healthier substitute, why not offer it?.'

Health conscious: Calgary Avansino and her family sweat by a diet of super healthy smoothies, flax seeds and quinoa toast - and judging by her youthful looks, it pays off

Another dedicated vegan food blogger gaining notoriety is Deliciously Ella. A self-confessed 'sugar monster' struck down with a rare illness that attacked her nervous system and left her bed-bound, managed to cure herself through healthy eating.

In an effort to turn her life around, Ella Woodward, 22, embraced a fully vegan lifestyle and managed to beat her illness and launch her own successful business.

Ella tracked her progress and shared all her favourite recipes via an online blog, Deliciously Ella.

She quickly saw her internet fame sky rocket, garnering 77,000 Instagram followers , who avidly follow her colourful 'food porn' snaps and enthusiastic attitude to clean living.

Ella, who is currently studying nutrition, was so inundated with recipe requests that she decided to launch an app and is even writing a cookbook.

The £2.99 Deliciously Ella app went to number one in the food and drinks category, both in the UK and the US, and number five on the whole iTunes store .

Deliciously Ella: Ella Woodward suffered from a rare illness that left her mostly bed-bound but discovered a vegan lifestyle and has cured herself

Speaking about her lifestyle, she said: 'I believe that the concept of healthy eating should embrace a diet of pure, unprocessed, unrefined plant-based foods.

'You can eat as much of these things as you like as your body absolutely loves them and can process them so easily.

'This means that your digestive system works a million times faster and more efficiently, allowing you to easily process and breakdown everything that you put into your body, which in turn will fill you with an amazing new energy.'

Chef Tessa Ward, who offers both vegan and non-vegan cookery classes, said: 'Being vegan is a big commitment full time, but with the right preparation, adopting it temporarily is beneficial not only to the body but also the planet.

'For me, adopting veganism temporarily is a chance to explore new recipes and dishes with ingredients I rarely use.'

'It might seem daunting giving up all animal products but think not about what you are giving up but what you are going to gain.'

Inspiring: Ella posts recipes of deliciously healthy recipes such as green smoothies and stir fry

Treats: Carbs are still allowed - she just makes healthy versions of bread (left) and makes her brownies from sweet potatoes (right)

Making healthy food taste good: Honestly Healthy for Life: Healthy Alternatives for Everyday Eating by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson offers delicious vegan meals, loved by Millie Mackintosh


Ella Woodward recommends starting the day with a green juice to break yourself into the vegan lifestyle and she isn't alone in her view.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr, who both posses showbiz's most enviable figures, recently praised their ‘delicious green juice' which they describe as 'a great way to start the day.'

Nadia Brydon, who’s a nutritionist and green food expert, has shared her tips for the perfect morning smoothie.

'With everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Millie Mackintosh drinking green smoothies recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is just another beauty fad.

'We all know that we’re probably not eating enough greens, yet our greens contain the most vitamins and minerals of any foods we eat, and are the most important category of foods to consume on a daily basis to help keep us healthy.

'Green smoothies can be high in vitamin B12, which can help reduce tiredness, and magnesium, which is found in dark green vegetables and can act as nature’s tranquiliser, helping to keep us de-stressed and relaxed – so it’s no wonder so many busy celebs are trying it!

'You’ll notice that a lot of models are now adding green supplements to their juices, to up their nutrient intake even further. For instance, a daily serving of the Japanese wholefood Sun Chlorella contains iron content equivalent to nine cups of spinach (270g) and the same B12 content as a 32oz steak.

'Perhaps most importantly, these drinks provide large quantities of whole food natural vitamins and minerals and help increase our daily intake of fruit and vegetables – for busy people who still want to remain healthy, this is hugely important.

'Smoothies are also full of fibre and water along with a whole range of nutrients which naturally makes us feel fuller which reduces the desire to consume food generally especially sugar and carbohydrates. We recommend the Rolls Royce of blenders, the Vitamix blender, as it breaks down the cell walls of fresh, whole foods to deliver the full benefit of nutrients. It also saves time as all of the ingredients can be added at once.'

'Miranda and Rosie’s green juices and smoothies are so nutritious, simply because greens contain the most vitamins and minerals of any foods we eat, and are the most important category of foods to consume on a daily basis to help keep us healthy.

'Combining these into an easy to drink smoothie can help busy people cram as many of these vegetables into their daily diet as possible. Juicing and blending raw green vegetables and living micro greens (sprouts) containing fresh vibrant green chlorophyll are extremely nutritious ways of creating optimum health and energy.

Just juice: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has revealed that she loves Chlorella (like those pictured right) green juices

'Juicing or blending any raw green vegetable, especially the living leafy varieties, is an effective way of increasing oxygen in the body and helping to build healthy tissues. Oxygen maintains life and is a rejuvenator of all body systems.

'Green smoothies containing the ingredients seen in Rosie and Miranda’s can be high in vitamin B12, which can help reduce tiredness.

'The spinach in Rosie’s signature smoothie is high in magnesium, which is found in dark green vegetables and can act as nature’s tranquiliser, helping to keep us de-stressed and relaxed – so it’s no wonder so many busy celebs are trying it!

'You’ll notice that a lot of models are now adding green supplements to their juices, to up their nutrient intake even further. For instance, a daily serving of the Japanese wholefood Sun Chlorella contains iron content equivalent to nine cups of spinach (270g) and the same B12 content as a 32oz steak – vitamin D in particular is important for winter, as this nutrient is produced by natural sunlight, and long cold winters can cause Brits to become deficient, meaning it’s important to top up where possible.'

To make a Rosie or Miranda style green smoothie, try the delicious recipe below at home. Freshly juiced fruits should always be diluted 50:50 with water in order to dilute the sugar content.

Blend the below ingredients, adding the water first.
• 600ml mineral water (still)
• ½ chopped cucumber (skin & pips included)
• ¼ peeled avocado
• 1 chopped celery stick
• Juice of ½ lemon or lime
• ¼ teaspoon unrefined salt
• Sun Chlorella ‘A’ tablets: initially starting off with 5 tablets for the first three days, moving up to 10 for the next 3 days and then 15 tablets herein after.
• Small double handful (60-80mg) of mixed green leaves from the following (they can be combined): spinach, watercress, rocket, savoy cabbage, chard, lettuce, chicory, kale, bok choy, sprigs of mint, parsley, coriander, basil.

28 Celebrities Who Have Posted Nude Photos (On Purpose)

While Chris Evans’ NSFW nude shot and Cardi B’s naked upload were both “oops” moments for the stars, there’s no denying that naked picture taboo is at an all-time low in Hollywood and beyond, thanks to the work of La La Land’s most enterprising celebrities. Call it the rise of the Kardashians or the rise of the internet (one and the same, really), but a nude picture just doesn’t have the same scandal factor it used to, especially when so many stars are choosing to proudly share their own shots. From fully nude photoshoots to targeted social media shares to getting ahead of another threatened leak, these celebrities have all shared their naked photos (on purpose) for the world to see &mdash and helped pave the way for moments like Evans’ screen recording to be way less mortifying.

Here’s a definitive list of stars who have stripped down and hit “send.”

Jana Kramer

One Tree Hill star Jana Kramer shared an empowering message about loving her naked body while sharing this nude showing off her new breast implants. “All I know is I was good enough before, and I’m good enough now,” she writes.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley knows a good nude is the best way to get everyone’s attention…which is why she used this photo to clear up some recent rumors that she was planning a reality TV show (she’s not).

Paulina Porizkova

Even before her nude Vogue Czechoslovakia cover at age 55 that broke the internet, Porizkova was having fun stripping down and showing off on Instagram, as pictured here.

Josh Brolin

Ok, Josh Brolin! The actor is finishing 2020 strong with a completely nude photo taken by his wife, in which he’s stretched out on a patio chair with his feet on the table, drinking from a mug. “At the end of the day a life will judged by how often you were naked,” he writes. “Nobody told they meant metaphorically.”

Chelsea Handler

Making sure she had everyone’s attention, Chelsea Handler delivered an important message urging people to get out and vote while standing topless in her kitchen.

Kaia Gerber

Cindy Crawford‘s daughter Kaia Gerber posted this nude snap for Vogue Japan to celebrate her 19th birthday.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham first broke barriers posing nude as a plus-size model and shattering discriminatory ideas of what it meant to be sexy. Graham also sparked a body hair debate after posting a pic of her unshaven underarms. Next, she detailed her pregnancy journey in just as much naked detail. Iconic.

Céline Dion

In 2017, Dion bared it all for an intimate Vogue snap featuring her totally naked sitting on a dressing room chair with her legs crossed. The smokey eye and kicked over knee-high python boots are set dressing for Dion’s aura: high drama, high mystery, all diva.

John Legend

Okay, technically wife Chrissy shared this for him, but we’re sure she got John’s full consent for this eye-opening pic of him totally naked.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore’s naked and pregnant Vanity Fair cover shot by Annie Leibovitz caused an uproar in 1991 &mdash and nearly 30 years later, we still can’t stop talking about it. Now that’s what you call lasting power.

Gwyneth Paltrow

A good reason to show your birthday suit? A real live birthday, of course. Gwyneth Paltrow definitively proved that she’s still sexy from head to toe with a naked, sunlit photo in her garden &mdash about which daughter Apple wasn’t exactly thrilled.

Chrissy Teigen

When you’re a swimsuit model, lounging around in next to nothing is all part of the job. But our years of seeing Teigen’s naked pics have also shown us that this model is more comfortable in her naked skin than most.

Brooke Burke

In 2019, former Playboy model Brooke Burke shared a bottomless photo to celebrate gorgeous bodies at every age &mdash though she admits it took her “a bit to get the courage to post.”

Justin Bieber

In 2016, Justin Bieber kept things simple with a lakeside photo of his bare behind. “Dat ass doe,” he wrote, poking fun at an otherwise totally vulnerable photo.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara shared her first-ever full nude with the world with a Women’s Health cover at 45, a decision she made specifically because she recognized the newness of the opportunity: “Here’s a woman, 45, being able to show her body. It’s not like before, when it was just young girls,” she told the magazine.

Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne has made a business out of dressing up her body in barely-there outfits for her shows, but sometimes nothing at all speaks the loudest. Argue with Jayne’s taste all you want, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has an enviable figure.


“Paint me like ya French bitch,” says Lizzo, elegantly paraphrasing Kate Winslet’s breathlessly uttered line in Titanic. Naked and sprawled across a red velvet couch, Lizzo is deserving of several portraits drawn by a blushing Leonardo DiCaprio.

Josh Brolin

Okay Josh Brolin! In an ad for Prevail Activewear, Josh and Kathryn go all in on flexing it as they make fun of (we think?) people who are too into the gym. Honestly, whatever Brolin’s doing exercise-wise is working &mdash and on full display.

Emily Ratajkowski

Okay, we’re not blowing any minds with this one. For better or for worse, Ratajkowski’s body has been at the forefront of her image since she broke through in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video. In a recent essay for The Cut, however, Ratajkowski gave compelling insight into how she’s reckoned with this commodification of her image. The model is something of an expert when it comes to the realm of naked pictures: how they’re multiplied, branded, and sold, and what it means to truly own them.

Kourtney Kardashian

We’re pretty sure Kris Jenner doesn’t let you collect your paycheck unless you have a nude in pending posts on Instagram (jk!). But seriously, the whole family sure loves to pose in the buff.

Ricky Martin

Who says only women get to post their nudes? Ricky Martin teased fans with a naked shot that shows *nearly* everything except for a strategically placed towel.

When Sia heard that naked photos of her had been hacked and were making the rounds on the internet, she decided to take the air out of the tires of that market, real fast.

“Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans,” she wrote in 2017. “Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!”

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga set out to push buttons and explore the taboo with her music, and nudity is kind of the least scandalous thing she’s done with her time in the spotlight (meat dress, anyone?). But anyway, here are some 2018 shots of naked Gaga (with strategic blurs to avoid the fearsome female nip).

Amber Rose

“ Imma post this one more time for the haters,” Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose wrote on Twitter in 2017 along with a full-frontal shot of herself in a bikini top, fur jacket, and thick diamond choker. And lo, the haters hated &mdash while Rose’s fan count went way up.

Kendall Jenner

In line with Instagram’s perfectly normal rule that “female nipples” constitute nudity while the rest of one’s naked body does not, Kendall Jenner was careful to censor away this picture’s lewder elements. Thanks to the model’s quick hand, the Instagram community was spared the vulgarity of seeing nudity on its feed. Phew!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Hey, pregnant supermodels deserve to get naked too. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocked her baby bump like haute couture in this artsy black-and-white nude documenting her pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner

“Vacation mode” indeed. Kylie Jenner’s hat is doing all the work in this naked snap, which leaves her face covered up but puts her body on full display.

Kim Kardashian West

The first naked video of Kim that circulated may have been a leak &mdash but the many, many nudes Kim has published since then are all her own doing. This sexual pic shows the KKW Beauty founder lounging naked on a bed and covering her nipples as an ad for her new makeup line.

Demi Lovato

When Demi Lovato fans thought she was having nude photos circulated around the internet, she was quick to set the rumors straight &mdash and clarify that nudity actually wasn’t a problem for her, as she’d already done a 2015 Vanity Fair cover nude.

“I love how everyone&rsquos freaking out about one picture. It&rsquos not nude and it&rsquos just cleavage,” she tweeted. “Besides the world has seen me nude BY CHOICE before.”

To review: when celebrities have nude photos leaked against their will or accidentally post them, don’t look! They don’t want you to, and you should respect their wishes. And besides, why wouldn’t you just look at these hot pics instead?

Before you go, click here to see which other stars got naked on camera.

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He wrote in the caption: 'This is so upsetting. How can you honestly do this to another being'.

Pictures on Instagram show the five-time World Championship title winner reclining in a chair on the jet and standing on its steps at an airport.

Lewis Hamilton's dog pictured on board the jet. He used to fly between Los Angeles and London with the pet but has since given up the aeroplane as part of a greener lifestyle

Hamilton, from Stevenage, regularly flaunts his lavish lifestyle online and has even created a page for his dogs to flaunt their's too. He is pictured on his private jet

Earlier this month he posted a photo of Coco on the private jet with the caption: 'In case you didn't know about my two kids.

'Coco is living the life by the beach in Malibu. Roscoe is in the UK with grandma enjoying the sun. To be reunited soon.'

The plane, which generated on average 1.67 tonnes of CO2 for each 5,400 flight between Los Angeles and Heathrow, stood in stark contrast to his apparent commitments to protect the planet.

In an earlier post he said: 'I stopped eating red meat two years ago. I have generally been pescatarian for the majority of the year and now I've cut fish.

'Pollution coming from the amount of cows are being produced is incredible. The cruelty is horrible and I want a healthier life.

'They say it is more than what we produce with our flights and our cars, which is kind of crazy I think'.

While owning the craft, Hamilton also reportedly clashed with his pilot after the member of staff used his private toilet.

Lewis Hamilton at the F1 Grand Prix of Austria at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, on Thursday. The F1 world champion has sold his £25million plane

Lewis Hamilton pictured walking out of his red private jet. The jet may have been given up as part of a move towards a greener lifestyle

Lewis Hamilton's private jet pictured at an airport. At one point he reportedly clashed with his pilot after the member of staff used his private toilet


What is the Paleo diet?

A Paleo diet is a dietary plan based on foods similar to what might have been eaten during the Paleolithic era, which dates from approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago.

The idea is to cut modern foods from the diet to return to the way our early hunter-gatherer ancestors ate.

People do it for a variety of reasons in the belief that diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes are caused by our modern way of living.

The diet can reportedly have effects of weight loss, better blood pressure, and more manageable appetite.

There are no long-term clinical studies about the benefits and potential risks of the diet.

Lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds — foods that in the past could be obtained by hunting and gathering.

Grains, such as wheat, oats and barley, legumes, such as beans, lentils, peanuts and peas, dairy products, potatoes, refined sugar or highly processed foods in general.

Although its followers boast of benefits including weight loss, a smaller appetite, and more energy, there has been little research into its effects.

The study at Edith Cowan University, Australia, is the first medical trial into the impact of the Paleo diet on gut bacteria.

The team compared 44 people on the diet with 47 following a typical diet of an Australian, where the research was carried out.

They measured the amount of trimethylamine-n-oxide (TMAO) in the participants' blood.

The compound is made in the gut from foods that are rich in choline, lecithin, and L-carnitine-rich, mainly fish, meat, egg, and dairy.

High levels have been associated with the hardening of the arteries - major driver in heart disease.

It has also been linked to diabetes and colon cancer, although the exact role of TMAO in these diseases is yet to be confirmed.

Lead researcher Dr Angela Genoni said: 'Those who promote the Paleo diet often cite it as beneficial for your gut health.

'But this research suggests there were adverse differences in those who followed the dietary pattern.'

Jack Osbourne follows the Paleo diet after his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2012

She said the reason TMAO was so elevated in people on the Paleo diet appeared to be due to the amount of red meat they eat.

Too much salt raises risk of developing a deadly heart condition

Having a high salt diet may increase the risk of developing a heart condition called atrial fibrillation (AF), scientists have found for the first time.

The researchers followed a group of 716 middle-aged men and women over 19 years. Salt consumption was highest in those diagnosed with AF (74 people).

These findings were true after considering several other risk factors – including age, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and smoking.

AF, the most common heart arrhythmia condition affecting around one million people in the UK alone, increases the risk of a stroke and heart failure.

Lead author Tero Pääkkö of the University of Oulu, Finland, where the research was carried out, said: 'With estimates suggesting that over three-quarters of salt consumed is already added in processed foods, reducing salt intake at a population level could have a hugely beneficial impact.'

However, the lack of whole grain intake is also problematic, according to Dr Genoni, who will presented the findings at the Nutrition Society of Australia conference on Friday.

She said: 'The Paleo diet excludes all grains and we know whole grains are a fantastic source of resistant starch, and many other fermentable fibres which are vital to the health of your gut microbiome.

'Because TMAO is produced in the gut, a lack of whole grains might change the populations of bacteria enough to enable higher production of this compound.

It will be a red flag for fans of the diet, including buyers of Gwyneth Paltrow's Paleo-inspired book, It’s All Good.

The actress, famous for her interest in health and lifestyle habits, overhauled her diet on the advice of her doctor by cutting out sugar, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, coffee and alcohol after experiencing adrenal stress, anaemia and thyroid problems.

Celebrities who have reportedly enjoyed a diet rich in meats, fishes and vegetables, and low in wholegrains and legumes, also include Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johanasson and Jack Osbourne.

Mr Osbourne, who was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease MS in 2012, told ABC News four years ago: 'Diet is a big thing. I am a firm believer in you are what you eat.

'I juice a lot, I try and stick to a Paleo Diet. At its core, I look at MS as inflammation, so I try and eliminate foods that cause inflammation. Dairy, gluten, grains.'

And the trainer behind the bodies of Victoria's Secret models Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shaik and Karlie Kloss, Justin Gelband, swears by it.

However, the diet is not without controversy. In 2014, a report from the British Dietetic Association labelled Paleo a 'Jurassic fad'.

The statement added: 'A diet with fewer processed foods, less sugar and salt is actually a good idea, but unless for medical reason, there is absolutely no need to cut any food group out of your diet.

'An unbalanced, time consuming, socially isolating diet, which this could easily be, is a sure-fire way to develop nutrient deficiencies, which can compromise health and your relationship with food.'


The diet is based on eating foods thought to be available to our ancestors during the Paleolithic era, before the advent of dairy or processed grains - and has its advocates and critics.

Celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Biel are reportedly fans.

‘My children ask me to have a baby all the time, but I had a really bad experience when I was pregnant with my third and it didn’t work out’

It was my doctor and good friend Dr Alejandro Junger who suggested I should clean out my system by following an elimination diet for 21 days,’ she says.

The thought of giving up so much of the food she loved (‘cheese, red wine, french fries, pasta and baguettes straight out of the oven’) was unnerving, but after three difficult weeks of deprivation she felt cleansed and cured.

It was the discovery, when she returned to Dr Junger, that the elimination diet was not a quick fix but a regime that she should follow ‘for life’ that inspired the idea for It’s All Good.

Acknowledging the fact that following these strict new dietary guidelines made her feel good, she took on the challenge of trying to make them taste good.

With her friend and co-author Julia Turshen, she began the long ‘but crazy fun’ process of creating ‘super-healthy recipes’ that would be as simple as they were scrumptious.

‘Creating a meal for my friends and family, sitting together, eating, laughing and talking – that is when I am so happy. Oh my God, if you could see how much food I make – I am the original Jewish mother. Making meals from these new recipes that look, smell and taste like the food I always cooked but are also super-healthy is an added joy,’ she enthuses.

My 'mishpocheh': Gwyneth with her late father Bruce and mother Blythe Danner in 2002

From right: With Moses and Apple on a recent trip to St Lucia, and with husband Chris Martin in 2003, the year they married

If it had taken me a week to fall for her recipes, it takes me about five minutes to be totally in thrall to Gwyneth herself.

In fact, I am so charmed by her that I begin to harbour fantasies of becoming her new best friend.

And I do not believe that even her harshest critics – those envious cyber trolls who subscribe to, but mock, Gwyneth’s weekly online blog Goop (in which she shares ‘all life’s positives’, offering helpful tips on everything from fashion to the fiscal cliff) – would be able to resist her either.

Jet-lagged (she has just arrived back from a flying visit to New York to celebrate her actress-mother Blythe Danner’s 70th birthday) and suffering from a cold, she is gentle, inspiring, funny, a little irreverent and very honest.

Urth Caffe

This popular coffee shop sells organic coffee and fine teas alongside its hearty, healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, made mostly from local, sustainable ingredients.

It has multiple locations, but you’ll want to go the one on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood if you want a side of celebrity sightings with your meal. Regulars here include Jake Gyllenhaal, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Caitlyn Jenner, Lana Del Rey, and Amanda Seyfried.

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
Pilots2January 1, 1998 ( 1998-01-01 ) January 25, 1998 ( 1998-01-25 ) MTV
112May 14, 1998 ( 1998-05-14 ) October 22, 1998 ( 1998-10-22 )
221January 31, 1999 ( 1999-01-31 ) November 11, 1999 ( 1999-11-11 )
325January 27, 2000 ( 2000-01-27 ) February 11, 2001 ( 2001-02-11 )
419July 22, 2001 ( 2001-07-22 ) June 6, 2002 ( 2002-06-06 )
58June 10, 2006 ( 2006-06-10 ) July 29, 2006 ( 2006-07-29 ) MTV2
68February 9, 2007 ( 2007-02-09 ) March 30, 2007 ( 2007-03-30 )

Pilot episodes (1998) Edit

Fight 1: Howard Stern releases his corrosive flatulence on Kathie Lee Gifford, causing her to melt.

Fight 2: Pam Anderson shoves RuPaul's shoe through his eye socket. Also featuring Marv Albert (guest commentator).

Season 1 (1998) Edit

Fight 1: Bill Clinton accidentally tells Paula Jones to "Grab [my] nuts" through Stacy Cornbred's microphone so he can have the peanuts he ordered earlier. This is misunderstood by both combatants, who turns on him. Bill then flees the arena in a Secret Service helicopter. Gennifer Flowers is accidentally hit in the face with Monica's trap-bladed beret thrown at Hillary. Featuring Bill Clinton, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers.

Fight 2: Jim Carrey's head explodes when Mariah Carey sings and holds a very high note, much to the displeasure of every spectator and arena staff. Featuring Drew Carey.

Fight 3: Tim and Jerry both fight poorly throughout the entire fight until Jerry's co-stars, who are spectators, get into the ring and kills Jerry, feeling that he betrayed them all by ending Seinfeld. Mills Lane accidentally throws a wrench at Don King's head. Featuring Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards.

Fight 1: Jerry Springer interferes with both combatants, causing a double disqualification and challenges the two for a match individually, postponing the fight to a later date. A popcorn vendor is crushed when Oprah accidentally knocks down a spotlight on top of him.

Fight 2: Both Liam's and Noel Gallagher's heads are smashed by Gallagher's mallet.

Fight 1: Bigfoot is sliced in half by the Loch Ness Monster's tail 6 seconds into the match. Don King is sliced in half by Loch Ness Monster's tail, and several audience members are crushed and eaten by the Loch Ness Monster. Also featuring Fran Drescher, Sean Connery, Mike Tyson, Pauly Shore and Carrot Top.

Fight 2: Mick Jagger stabs Steven Tyler through the chest with his gigantic tongue.

Fight 1: Siskel spins Ebert around by his thumb until the finger binds that hold their thumbs together break, sending Ebert flying into the support beam of the commentator's booth, splitting his skull in half. When Ebert hits the commentator's booth, Nick Diamond is thrown from the booth and put into a coma. Also featuring Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino.

Fight 2: The first fight from the Deathmatch Vault, set in the 1960s. Jerry Lewis is whacked out of the ring by Dean Martin. Also featuring Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr..

Fight 1: Both fighters knocked each other out, to which Mills Lane called the match a draw. Both fighters decide on forfeits prior to the match, which both have to abide by. Also featuring Jack Nicholson (guest commentator replacing Nick Diamond throughout this episode).

Fight 2: This fight is a morphine-induced dream Nick Diamond has when Nicky Jr. is trying to call a nurse. The dream simply ends with both fighters punching each other. Also featuring Stacy Cornbred and Jimi Hendrix as a guest referee.

Fight 1: Fiona Apple is rolled over by John Popper and flattened. Also featuring Lenny Stanton, the executive producer's son as a guest commentator replacing Nick Diamond.

Fight 2: Gary Oldman's head is crushed in Christopher Walken's hands.

Fight 1: The first "Battle of the Devastating Divas". Both contestants fight with medieval weaponry. Barbra Streisand melts after drinking a bucket of water that Aretha Franklin had contaminated with the bubonic plague.

Fight 2: Bill and Michael are forced to fight because of a clerical error, since they have no sort of rivalry. Gates and Flatley are both slammed repeatedly in the ring by a robot version of Michael Flatley that Bill Gates built until both fighters break into pieces.

Fight 1: Trent Reznor is sliced to bits by vinyl records thrown by Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy is sliced to bits by Trent Reznor's projectile "Nine Inch Nails" (finger nails). Mills Lane later puts the pieces together in an amalgamation of both musicians.

Fight 2: Both fighters are given the chance to choose a setting of how the ring would look for the fight by coin-toss. John wants the set of Entertainment Tonight, while David wants a Baywatch-like setting. In the end, Hasselhoff wins and gets a ring set up to look like a beach. John Tesh is crushed by KITT when David Hasselhoff asks him for help after his face gets torn off. David Hasselhoff's face and skull are ripped off when John Tesh unfolds an umbrella in his head. He collapses on top of KITT after the fight. Also featuring Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Spade and Steven Seagal

Fight 1: Vince McMahon is hit with the Stone Cold Stunner, which breaks his neck. Austin then beats the corpse to pieces with The Undertaker's tombstone gift, then throws the pieces into a casket, which is dragged out into a field and set on fire offscreen due to Austin's playing to the crowd.

Fight 2: Both fighters refuse to fight, much to the displeasure of the fans. Mills Lane turns on the Fan of Fandemonium, a giant razor-bladed fan, which slowly descends into the ring until there is a winner or both fighters are sliced to pieces. Chris Rock does a Mexican liver punch and throws Adam Sandler outside the ring, impaling him on the control lever of the Fan of Fandemonium control panel, which then electrocutes him. After winning, security still wouldn't allow Rock to escape the ring, so he is chopped up by the Fan of Fandemonium as it malfunctioned. In Season 5, it shows that Chris Rock and Adam Sandler are both alive after their match.

Fight 1: A grudge match. David Spade enrages Steven Seagal during the "Missing Girl" episode and challenges him to a fight. Spade uses the waistband of his underwear as a slingshot to shoot one of Scottie Pippen's NBA championship rings through Segal's head. Also featuring Spike Lee.

Fight 2: Charles, Prince of Wales smashes Prince's head into his body with a croquet mallet. Also featuring Elizabeth II.

Fight 1: This fight wasn't planned. Céline is singing the national anthem when Keith attacks her from behind. Keith Flint's head is ripped off and eaten by Céline Dion, who then reveals herself to be Zatar the Alien. Zatar possesses Don King, causing him to faint after Zatar delivers a message through him.

Fight 2: This fight also wasn't planned. It’s a Sci-Fi Q&A segment with Peter Mayhew and Mark Hamill until Zatar kills them, enraging Nick to leave the booth and end Zatar's disruptive behavior. Two security guards accidentally shock each other while trying to stun Zatar with stun rods, who is dancing on the head of a catatonic Don King. Mark Hamill's and Peter Mayhew's heads are repeatedly slammed into the canvas by Zatar until both of them explode. Nick Diamond shoves his hand through Zatar's eyeball and pulls out his brains.

Fight 1: After being pinned under Roseanne for two rounds, Kelsey escapes the pin by slipping out of his own skin. Roseanne has a heart attack when she sees Kelsey's skinless body and promptly dies.

Fight 2: Courtney Love is mauled to pieces by an angry mama bear when Brandy tries to give Courtney its cub as a peace-offering.

Season 2 (1999) Edit

Fight 1: Dolly Parton floats into space and explodes after her breasts are over-inflated by her special breast enlarging armor. Both ladies fight with special armor that could enlarge their body parts at will. Dolly's enlarge her breasts and Jennifer's enlarge her ass. Featuring Michael Buffer and Ruth Westheimer (as a guest commentator).

Fight 2: Michael Jackson turns himself into a hamster using Moonwalker magic and gets kicked into the pool of acid by Madonna. This fight wasn't planned. It is a performance by Madonna when Michael Jackson interrupted. The fight takes place in a ring surrounded by a pool of hydrochloric acid.

Fight 1: Featuring Vanilla Ice. The ring is turned into an ice skating rink, completing the "Better Ice" theme. Ice Cube freezes after falling beneath the ice rink. He is later unfrozen after his ice block that was hanging on a crane crushes Vanilla Ice, who had rushed into the arena and ran over Ice-T with an Ice resurfacer.

Fight 2: The first "Actor's Showcase Showdown". Both contestants fight while playing characters from their movies. Al Pacino's head is destroyed after being whacked repeatedly with Nelson de la Rosa when De Niro was still in his Al Capone character. Featuring Marlon Brando (as a guest referee) and Nelson de la Rosa.

Fight 1: The fight takes place in a ring with office props from Ally McBeal while Lucy fights dressed as Xena. Calista launches herself from the ropes to attack Lucy, but Lucy ducks, causing Calista's head to get crammed inside Lucy's ass. Lucy slams herself into the canvas from a turnpost, trapping Calista inside herself until after the main event, when Calista is birthed out of Lucy Lawless alive. Featuring Maya Angelou and Dennis Franz

Fight 2: This fight is from a video found in a time capsule (dating back to 1985) after digging through the rubble from the previous episode's main event. Guest referee Ronald Reagan, believing Boy George is a woman, attacks Don Johnson to prevent him from harming Boy George any further. Johnson refuses to back down, so Reagan stuns him with a blow to the neck and then jumped off a turnbuckle onto Don's head, crushing it. Ruhollah Khomeini is disintegrated by a laser from Reagan's "Star Wars" satellite defense program. Also featuring Philip Michael Thomas, Cyndi Lauper, and Mr. T.

Fight 1: A plywood sitcom set is constructed in the ring. David Schwimmer is launched from an ejection seat on a couch and into the sitcom set wall. He, as well as Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, are crushed when the set collapsed. Featuring James Caan, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry

Fight 2: The two combatants are allowed to use gadgets from the James Bond films. Roger Moore borrows a giant boulder from a cave woman and crushes Sean Connery under it.

Fight 1: This fight is a bedtime story that Nick made up to Nicky Jr. Ramesses II impales Moses on a tiny pyramid. Harrison Ford knocks Pharaoh out of the ring. Moses crushes Ramesses II's henchmen with The Ten Commandments. Featuring God as a guest referee.

Fight 2: Viewers can call the fighters in this bout to tell them what they want to do to his opponent, a format similar to Larry King Live. Drew Barrymore's face is smashed in by the mystery killer. Larry King is crushed under a desk by Geraldo. Jamie Lee Curtis is slashed to death by the mystery killer.

Fight 1: This fight is taped in an arena in Sydney. Paul Hogan is impaled with a sharpened pole by Gibson and is then tossed onto a barbecue grill to get fried. Natalie Imbruglia is decapitated by a boomerang that Paul throws at Mel.

Fight 2: This fight is taped in an arena in Havana. Guest referee Fidel Castro's intestines fall out after Antonio Banderas blindly cuts him up. Antonio Banderas is repeatedly whacked like a piñata until his insides fall out. Featuring Andrés Cantor as a guest commentator.

Fight 1: This fight is actually supposed to be a fashion show of deadly clothes.. Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer, and Kate Moss rip each other apart until all three are left as hideously deformed, yet still walking clumps.

Fight 2: Busta Rhymes runs into the time machine and is transported back to Shakespeare's time, making Shakespeare and Rhymes the winners by default.

Fight 1: The fighters fight to see who would direct the Celebrity Deathmatch movie. Martin Scorsese is decapitated by Oliver Stone's director's slate. Oliver Stone is impaled through the eye by a camera that falls from a helicopter.

Fight 2: The second fight from the Deathmatch Vault, taped in the 1950s. Both contestants are allowed to use props from their movies. Groucho uses comedy slapstick material and Wayne uses cowboy tools. John Wayne's head gets sliced after he was kicked into Harpo Marx's harp by Groucho. Also featuring Chico Marx.

Fight 1: Each fighter is supposed to make a meal out of their opponent so Mills Lane could eat it. Emeril Lagasse is cooked into a meal.

Fight 2: Jesse Camp's idiosyncratic speech and voice cause Mills Lane to believe that Jesse has brain damage. Mills "euthanizes" him by hitting an elbow drop on his neck, breaking it. Featuring Monica.

Fight 1: A special device is placed in the arena to determine how popular the fighters are with the crowd throughout the match. Whenever the fighters' popularity decreases, they receive a shock to the behind. Ken Starr is thrown into the Liberty Bell, causing his head to explode. Featuring Hillary Clinton.

Fight 2: Bill Clinton dies after eating Saddam's burgers, which are infected with mad cow disease. Saddam Hussein is wrapped in the American flag and beaten to death with a flag pole. After killing Saddam, James Van Der Beek is arrested for desecrating an American flag, making the fight a no contest.

Fight 1: Emilio Estevez hires some prostitutes to distract Charlie while fighting. When the prostitutes are about to kill Charlie, they ask Emilio for their pay. When Emilio can't pay them in cash, they rip him apart. Featuring Sid Figgle (Johnny’s brother-in-law).

Fight 2: Donny and Marie Osmond argue during the match after Donny uses profane language. Their argument ends with both of them chewing each other's heads off (The Mormon Munch).

Fight 1: The fighters wear rooster costumes in a mock "cock" fight in an underground dirt ring. Ron Jeremy is stabbed in the eye by Tommy Lee's erection.

Fight 2: This fight is a ladder match with a giant sack of money hanging over the ring. Jewel Alanis drops a bag of money on Jewel, turning her into a hockey puck. Alanis then whacks her into the light rigging, electrocuting her.

Fight 1: Both comedians use their comedic shtick against each other. Dennis uses obscure pop-culture references with biting wit and Carrot Top uses his box of props. Carrot Top pops after being inflated and turned into a balloon animal.

Fight 2: This fight takes place in a ring with a giant grill in the middle, literally making it a celebrity "roast". Rodney Dangerfield punches Don Rickles until he is reduced to pieces and then cooks him on a grill.

Fight 1: Ozzy Osbourne devours Elton John's head and attempts to swallow it. The head fails to go down his throat, so Queen Elizabeth II saves Ozzy by giving him the Heimlich Maneuver.

Fight 2: The ring is decorated like a house for Martha Stewart. Sandra Bernhard's entrails are removed by a scoop and used to make a Christmas ornament.

Fight 1: Ricky Schroder's body parts are kicked from him, putting him at Gary Coleman's height. Coleman jumps on his stomach and launches his head off. After the fight, Sammo Hung comes down to the ring, challenging Dennis Franz to a fight.

Fight 2: Lauryn Hill's corner is an actual street corner torn up from Newark, New Jersey and fashioned with street-related and weapons, while Shania Twain's corner is decorated like a farm, complete with farm implements to be used as weapons. Shania Twain's brain is sucked out by a milking machine.

Fight 1: A grudge match (Franz's co-star, Ricky Schroder, was killed in a previous Deathmatch by Hung's student, Gary Coleman). Sammy Hung's arms and legs are removed and then crushed when Dennis Franz jumps from the turnbuckle.

Fight 2: Steven Wright's intestines are pulled out through his mouth by Chris Tucker. Stone Cold Steve Austin snaps the neck of a giant moose with a Stone Cold Stunner.

Fight 1: The second "Battle of the Devastating Divas". The fighters are given roadway construction equipment to fight with. Bette Milder pours hot tar over Cher's body and then flattens her head with a steamroller. Featuring Minkie Laboosh.

Fight 2: Benito Mussolini is impaled by Roberto Benigni when he accidentally shoots himself out of a tank cannon.

Fight 1: The ring is decorated with a graveyard theme. When the Werewolf turned back into a human, The Wolfman attempts to disqualify Frankenstein by saying he is already dead. Mills declares the Werewolf the winner until Frankenstein crushes the Werewolf's head, stealing the win from Werewolf. Featuring The Undertaker as a guest commentator.

Fight 2: This fight wasn't planned. Captain Doody possesses Nicky Jr., and Nick cries out to the Undertaker for help. The Undertaker complies, claiming that "I'm the only evil guy on this show!" The Undertaker delivers his finishing move—the Tombstone Piledriver—to Captain Doody, ending his possession of Nicky Jr. Captain Doody flies out of Nicky Jr.'s body and into a nearby popcorn vendor. Featuring Bob Saget.

Fight 1: Richard Simmons' head explodes after he is tied into a bow by Blanks.

Fight 2: The ring for this fight is covered in gold, much to the delight of fans who steal parts of the ring during the fight. Don King is ripped in half after Trump jumps in his mouth.

Fight 1: The fighters are given 10 minutes before the match to build a killing machine using various metal bits and pieces. Both fighters are also allowed to reinvent the machine during the fight. Ben Affleck kicks Matt Damon into his automatic meat pulverizer, turning him into raw beef cake. Kirk Fosnaugh's spleen is torn out by John Tesh.

Fight 2: The fight takes place in a ring decorated with Satanic/Heavy Metal imagery. Ozzy Osbourne uses a skull splitter to crack open Rob Zombie's head and pulls out his brain. Ozzy then resurrects Rob as a zombie using backwards talking and Haitian Vodou magic. The zombified Rob Zombie continues to fight, but Ozzy attempts to destroy the zombie's brain by punting it into the air. Rob Zombie catches his brain, but then spikes it to the floor in celebration, which finishes him off.

Season 3 (2000–01) Edit

Fight 1: The ring is decorated like a tennis court, after the flipping of a gymnast to decide if it would be decorated as a tennis court or a golf course. Tiger Woods explodes after having dozens of tennis balls shot up his rectum. Brooke Shields is run over by Andre Agassi's golf cart while being used by Tiger as a human shield. Featuring Geena Davis, Kerri Strug and Brooke Shields.

Fight 2: The third fight from the Deathmatch Vault. The ring is filled with american football equipment. O. J. kicks Joe Namath, who is impaled on a goal post. O. J. then vows to find the real killer. Featuring Howard Cosell as a guest commentator.

Fight 1: The two pop stars have their hair tied together in a "Ponytail of Pain". Both performers tear each other apart, with no winner. Also featuring Debbie Matenopoulos, who replaces Stacy Cornbred as correspondent.

Fight 2: Kenny G's jaw is torn off by Flea and thrown in mid-air, which causes it to boomerang back into his head.

Fight 1: Katie Couric tosses Bryant Gumbel through a window, and he is sliced into various pieces by its destroyed glass. The ring is decorated like the set of the Today Show. Emily Fingerhut is crushed with a sofa by Bryant Gumbel. Featuring Chet Zumditch, Emily Fingerhut and Willard Scott.

Fight 2: Judge Mills Lane shoves a lamp on Judge Judy while she is knocked into a chair, causing her to be electrocuted. The ring is decorated like a courtroom. Susan Lucci’s (whom Judge Judy is supposed to fight her) head is crushed inside a Bible before the fight even begins.

Fight 1: Flynt runs Hefner down with his wheelchair. He then takes Hugh's flattened body and folds it into a magazine and rips him in half.

Fight 2: Part one of the Freak Fight series. Cousin Grimm rips out Pierce McCrack's spinal column and impales him with it.

Fight 1: Both fighters are given the choice of using a costume and weapons from their movies to fight their opponent with. Costner chooses The Postman, while Smith takes on as a fictional superhero from the View Askewniverse. Kevin Costner is eaten alive by a shark after getting put into a package and mailed to the Atlantic Ocean. Featuring Jason Mewes.

Fight 2: Both contestants are allowed to use murder weapons from famous femme fatale movies. Sharon Stone uses a sledge hammer to knock Kathy Bates's foot off. The foot ricochets around the arena until finally the sharp heel impales Sharon's forehead.

Fight 1: The two fighters are able to cast magic spells and have access to their own black cauldrons and broomsticks. Melissa Joan Hart is crushed by a stake pole. Tony Danza’s face is ripped off by Salem Saberhagen.

Fight 2: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are torn to shreds by Betty-Sue Olsen, the 'third' Olsen twin.

Fight 1: The two fighters are fighting for the life or death of Tommy Lee, who is suspended over a crate of hungry baby South Carolina tree monkeys. Pamela Anderson overuses her upgraded radioactive breasts on Heather Locklear. This causes them to malfunction and then to explode Pamela to her death. Tommy Lee is eaten by a crate full of hungry baby tree monkeys after being lowered by Heather Locklear.

Fight 2: After Axl scrambles Slash's brain with a cake mixer, Slash has the mental capacity of an 8 year old. Axl is then cut up into paper dolls by Slash.

Fight 1: The two fighters are contestants in a macabre game show. By answering questions correctly, one of the straps holding them in their chairs opens, allowing access to one weapon. Incorrect answers cause the remaining straps to tighten, eventually cutting off hands and feet. Regis Philbin's lungs are stabbed out after Chuck Woolery loses his hands and sharpens his arm stubs to points.

Fight 2: The fighters are given toys as weapons, a play on their small statures. Napoleon puts his smelly rotten hand (which he keeps in his coat) into Joe Pesci's nose. He punches him repeatedly until his brains leak out his ears. Napoleon then throws Pesci into a toybox, killing him.

Fight 1: The match is fought in the ancient Roman Coliseum, which is overseen by Julius Caesar. Napoleon is stomped on and eaten by a T-rex before the first match.

Fight 2: The match is fought in the darkened streets of the 1880s London. Jack the Ripper is impaled by the knives hanging in his coat when Sherlock Holmes buttons it for him. Doctor Watson is stabbed, sliced in half, forced to eat a British meat pie and then decapitated by Jack the Ripper.

Fight 1: Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk are sliced in half. Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello are crushed and sliced to pieces. Their remains are both stuffed into jars afterward.

Fight 2: Al Gore sucks out "Weird Al" Yankovic's brain through a vacant eyehole.

Fight 1: The second part of the Freak Fight series. Beni Trauma is decapitated and ripped to pieces by a mutated Potato Khan's tentacles. Potato Khan then cooks Trauma's head and feeds it to a kid celebrating his birthday.

Fight 2: Mick Foley uses his sock puppet, Mr. Socko, and his signature move "the Mandible Claw", to tear off Ernest Hemingway's lower jaw. His brain, eyes and tongue fall to the floor.

Fight 1: The participants fight using bathroom equipment such as urinals, toilets and blow dryers in order to see who would adopt a rest area on the New Jersey Turnpike. James Gandolfini is flushed down a high-powered toilet. Featuring Steven Van Zandt, as a guest referee. Van Zandt is ripped in half by Bruce Springsteen and James Gandolfini.

Fight 2: Each fighter has a specific, animal-related fighting style. Barrymore uses "Giraffe-Style", while Fawcett uses "Dodo-Style." Drew Barrymore's neck stretches and snaps back, slicing her in half down the middle.

Fight 1: Nick Nolte tears Eddie Murphy's heart out and shoves it in his mouth. When the fight starts, Murphy is nowhere to be seen so Nolte begins attacking random audience members in order to find him (a reference to Murphy often using heavy makeup in his film roles). Eventually, Murphy shows up, dressed as Nolte, which confuses him even more.

Fight 2: The ring is decorated like a playground. Macaulay Culkin is torn apart by the ghosts of dead celebrities and then comes back as a ghost. Featuring Bruce Willis and the ghosts of various dead celebrities.

Fight 1: The fighters are given different types of phones to use as weapons in reference to their numerous roles in phone-related advertisements. David Arquette puts a cell phone in Paul Reiser's head. The radiation emitted from the phone causes his head to explode. Featuring Rosanna Arquette, Nicolas Cage and Courteney Cox.

Fight 2: The ring is decorated like the Oval Office. Martin Sheen decapitates Michael Douglas with his own femur bone and then impales his head onto a microphone stand.

Fight 1: This match wasn't planned. A zombie attack on the studio prevents any of the expected fighters from getting into the studio, making the planned fights impossible. After finding this out, Johnny is attacked by a mummy, and Brendan Fraser comes to his rescue, starting the match. One of the Mummy's bandages gets caught on an audience member's watch, causing the Mummy to unravel. Brendan hits him in the butt with a chair, causing the Mummy's spine to fly out through the top of his skull. Featuring various celebrities as attendees.

Fight 2: This match also wasn't planned. The Vampire flies into the ring, and demands to fight someone. Sarah Michelle Gellar steps up to the challenge. Sarah Michelle Gellar's blood is sucked out by the Vampire.

Fight 1: William Shatner rips Burt Reynolds's torso open & removes his internal organs.

Fight 2: Viewers are allowed to call in to both contestants. Laura Schlessinger is beaten and held upside down, causing her brain to fall out. Featuring David Crosby.

Fight 1: The third "Battle of the Devastating Divas". Both contestants are allowed to use elaborate jewelry as weaponry. Diana Ross' head is burned via x-ray machine.

Fight 2: The two combatants have been deprived of food for some time, are covered in bacon, corn and vegetable oil, and have their hands tied behind their back, so that they will fight by trying to eat each other. Jodie Foster is devoured by Anthony Hopkins. Featuring Julianne Moore.

Fight 1: After using a straw to suck out Wynonna's fat, Ashley Judd's head becomes filled with blubber. She falls face-forward, splattering her head across the ring.

Fight 2: The fourth fight from the Deathmatch Vault, set in the 1970s. The ring is decorated like the set from All in the Family. Both Carroll O'Connor and Sherman Hemsley roll down a flight of stairs and die after going through a wall and into a closet.

Fight 1: Sting's head is smashed by his own severed feet, leaving only his brain and eyeballs. This match goes on throughout the whole show as Sting attempts to do all 45 Kama Sutra positions with Collins. Featuring Timmy Leland.

Fight 2: Warren Beatty and Susan Sarandon are both impaled on the tusks of two audience members' rhino-shaped hats.

Fight 1: Both contestants fight while interpreting characters from their movies and their Saturday Night Live sketches. Dana Carvey shoves Mike Myers' own right hand & pinkie finger through one of his nostrils which causes impalement into the top of his skull causing him to bleed to death within only a few seconds.

Fight 2: Angelina Jolie stretches out Sandra Bullock's lips and places them on opposite ring posts. She proceeds to suck in air, drawing Sandra towards her until her lips whip off the ring posts and slice Sandra in half. James Haven is blown up by a bomb that he had fetched out from Angelina's ass.

Fight 1: Sigourney Weaver is impaled on a small chest-burster figurine.

Fight 2: Part three of the Freak Fight series. Potato Khan is sliced by a grate that Cousin Grimm was holding. He regenerates as numerous small pieces. After eating the small remains of Potato Khan, they get into his brain, hurting him from the inside. He tries to get them out by smashing his head into the turnbuckle and bashing his head with his club, the end result being that he smashes his own head in.

Fight 1: Beavis, as the Great Cornholio, slices up Butt-Head into meat strips with tongs and a spatula to make "TP for [his] bunghole." This is the only Deathmatch between two 2D animated characters.

Season 4 (2001–02) Edit

Fight 1: Lil' Kim pushes Little Richard's organs out of the holes where his nipples used to be. Featuring John Tesh as a guest commentator.

Fight 2: Leelee Sobieski feeds Helen Hunt her own hair, which is so long that it flows through her ears from her mouth. Leelee pulls the hair sticking through Helen's ears, causing her head to implode, resulting in the removal of her brain. After she kills Helen, Leelee pretends to be Helen to steal her fame and her career she then rips the skin off Helen's hands and feet and puts them on like gloves and shoes, respectively, so fingerprints and footprints can confirm it.

Fight 1: Steve Irwin accidentally decapitates Medusa when she pushed him away after he put a ruck-sack over her head.

Fight 2: Drew Carey scratches his own face leaving it with zero skin after Ray slingshotted his protective cup into his face, causing his face to break out in jock itch uncontrollably.

Fight 1: Keri Russell accidentally swallows a helium tank whole, something that leaves her body severely deformed and is later inflated by the helium to mass proportions and popped by Claire Danes, who used hydrogen-peroxide darts. Katie Holmes dies in the explosion of Keri Russell.

Fight 2: Johnny shoves a microphone down Sam Donaldson's throat, then Nick Diamond puts a hose in Sam's mouth. The firefighters in the stadium turn on the water, filling Sam's stomach with water and electrocuting him.

Fight 1: Meat Loaf's head is cracked open after he lands headfirst on the steel chairs leading to the ring. He is later revived by fans in the audience who were listening to his trademark baseline. But, in a direct imitation of Korn's music video Freak on a Leash, he is shot by a piece of corn that came from Jonathan Davis's butt after it ricochets around the arena and bounces off the turnbuckle after the latter is kicked into the booth by Meat Loaf.

Fight 2: The ring is decorated with fast food restaurant props. Colonel Sanders is decapitated by a hen Dave Thomas had rescued from him. Colonel Sanders's headless body runs around until it falls into a deep-frier.

Fight 1: Albert Einstein's brain is squeezed out after being wrapped in his own tongue.

Fight 2: The ropes in the ring are replaced with barbed wire for this fight. This fight concerns Vedder and Stapp's similar singing voices. After Scott Stapp's larynx is torn apart by barbed wire, Tom Waits enters the ring believing that Scott is trying to steal his characteristic voice. Tom punches Scott in the face until his head is crushed.

Fight 1: The two combatants try to climb to the top of a pole with Harvey Weinstein perched at the top, ready to offer the winner the leading role in a film. Corey Haim is crushed by Weinstein. Corey Feldman and Harvey Weinstein are impaled by the pole.

Fight 2: Lisa Ling is kicked through the skull. Featuring Barbara Walters.

Fight 1: Frankie Muniz tricks Robert Iler into eating spiked ravioli, stuffed with antacids. As a result, Iler's stomach explodes. The winner of this fight would be made ten years younger with the CDM time machine so he could continue being a child star. However, when Frankie is placed in the machine, a power surge (caused by Mills Lane) causes Frankie to become an old man. Featuring Gilbert Gottfried.

Fight 2: Stephen King is electrocuted by a lightning bolt manifested by the magic of Lord Voldemort. The lightning activates King's mechanical leg, which knocks off J. K. Rowling's head.

Fight 1: A replay of "Cousin Grimm vs. Pierce McCrack" from season 3, episode 4.

Fight 2: A replay of "Beni Trauma vs. Potato Khan" from season 3, episode 12.

Fight 1: James Brown is crushed by an overhead light after the lasers he is firing from his feet bounces off of Chuck Berry’s giant diamond ring and hit the light.

Fight 2: George Michael is ripped apart by a tiger that is awakened when Paul says the secret word "Sucker", causing everyone in the Arena to scream wildly. Both combatants are dressed as Roman gladiators using spare parts as armor and weapons.

Fight 1: Anne Robinson's ovaries and internal organs are ripped out.

Fight 2: A giant 8-ball is shoved in John Edward's throat, and he is then decapitated.

Fight 1: John Rocker is electrocuted by a Die-Hard battery.

Fight 2: Since both Janet Jackson and Faith Hill are so pretty and would probably fight poorly, the two women are locked in a room with each other for a few months to help them be more fierce during their fight. Janet Jackson's front is ripped off, causing her internal organs to spill out.

Fight 1: Bill Maher's skull is stomped through. Then Conan picks his face and plays with it in a gag similarly seen on Conan's own talkshow.

Fight 2: Sarah's chest explodes after Anna Nicole marries her in a move known as the Black Widow Wipeout. Featuring Ted Turner.

Fight 1: Björk is sliced in half by Johann Sebastian Bach's plow while complementing Bach. Bach twists Beck's neck and punches his head off. Beck fights with a portable set of two turntables and a microphone, while Björk fights with a keyboard with a miniature mixing board and a sound generator.

Fight 2: Tony Bennett is disintegrated by a red laser light launched from Willie Nelson's third eye, revealed after Willie removes his bandanna.

Fight 1: Jenna Elfman's upper section of her body is shredded by Kathy Griffin's "motor mouth." Both contestants are forced to fight with socks in their mouths so they wouldn't talk. Featuring John Patrick and Maggie Griffin and Brooke Shields.

Fight 2: The sixth fight from the Deathmatch Vault, filmed in the 1928. Charlie Chaplin is flattened by a train. Featuring Roscoe Arbuckle.

Fight 1: LL Cool J is sliced into pieces by a spring removed by a chair. The ring is decorated like the set of The Queen Latifah Show.

Fight 2: Mandy Moore is stabbed in the ears with her sharpened lollipop. Her brains are then blown through her ear and spilled on the mat of the ring causing her to bleed to death.

Fight 1: Lenny Kravitz is forced to swallow Jimi Hendrix's vomit, which gets stuck in his throat. Jimi Hendrix then pushes him into the ropes and clotheslined him, causing his throat to explode.

Fight 2: Shaggy is impaled by a ring post by Marley continuously until his entire body is festered with holes. Bob Marley then uses the ringpost as a blunt to smoke Shaggy's remains.

Season 5 (2006) Edit

Fight 1: Paris Hilton was burned to death by Nicole Richie's flamethrower disguised as a perfume bottle.

Fight 2: Vert ramps have been placed in the ring, allowing the combatants to fight and skate at the same time. Tony Hawk is eaten alive by Don Vito, who was actually trying to eat Bam. Also featuring "The Masked Man."

Fight 1: Bono and Chris Martin plan to perform a charity concert to raise enough money to get the violent CDM canceled (much to the disgust of the audience and the announcers), but disagree over who would perform first, thus starting the match. Chris Martin's feet, arms, eyes, and heart ripped out. Also featuring "The Masked Man."

Fight 2: Both Kutcher's and Willis' heads are kicked off by Demi Moore.

Fight 1: Referee Mills Lane gets the fighters drunk to get them to fight harder. Colin Farrell is sliced in half with his own spear by a drunken Charlie Sheen.

Fight 2: Ryan stabs Simon's ears with a leg removed from a stool. Also featuring Paula Abdul.

Fight 1: Two lollipops are pierced through Gwen Stefani's eyes, and her head is twisted off.

Fight 2: Several audience members are sucked into Justin Timberlake's tornado after he uses his "Tornado Spin" dance move. Justin Timberlake's brain is obliterated by Federline. First, Kevin melts a part of it with his horrible rap (which only Mills Lane enjoys), and then he destroys the rest of it by punching Timberlake through the side of the head.

Fight 1: Several times throughout the fight Jamie Kennedy disguises himself as other people to prank Ali G like in his show The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. Ali G's fingers and eyebrows are removed, and his stomach is slashed open by his own necklace.

Fight 2: Rob Schneider is flattened when Rodney Dangerfield successfully pulls off a Triple Lindy, the diving move he used in the movie Back to School.

Fight 1: The fighters are given spare vehicle parts to build their own deathmobiles. Xzibit is ripped in half at the torso by Paul Teutul Sr.'s mutated mustache.

Fight 2: Jack Black's head explodes after Jack and Meg White force a tightly buttoned shirt on him.

Fight 1: Chris Farley dies out of heart attacks before the fight could even start. However, since he died before the fight officially started, Mills Lane brings him back to life over and over again. Chris Farley finally makes it to the ring and kills Horatio Sanz by pulling on his tongue until his insides come out. Also featuring Albert Einstein as a guest commentator throughout the episode.

Fight 2: Christian Bale is crushed by a giant spotlight when West flings him into the lights, which knocks them down on top of Christian.

Fight 1: William Hung attacks Ricky in a bullet time attack when the camera cuts to Nick Diamond. When it cuts back, Ricky Martin is dead, apparently from severe cuts and removal of the eyes.

Fight 2: Pamela tricks Tommy into believing she still loves him after he proposes to her again. When Tommy isn't looking, Pam crushes Tommy's head between her enormous breasts.

Season 6 (2007) Edit

Fight 1: Kristin Cavallari used her father's black American Express Card as shuriken to behead Mischa Barton.

Fight 2: Tobey Maguire is beaten to death with his own leg, much to the dismay of Mills Lane.

Fight 1: Mike Jones is shredded into pieces by Paul Wall's monster chainsaw grill.

Fight 2: Steve-O is eaten alive by Andy Milonakis after dressing up as a Twinkie. Also featuring Wubbie.

Fight 1: Rodney Peete has his own leg impaled through his face by Rob Dibble. John Salley's head flies off after an uppercut from Rob Dibble and landed on a turnbuckle. Rob Dibble's arms fall off and he bleed to death. After Mills Lane tells Chris Rose to "Stick a cork in it," after he got annoyed by Chris' chattering, Rose actually sticks a cork in his mouth, causing him to inflate. He flies up into the lights and explodes.

Fight 2: Carson Daly slices off Jimmy Kimmel's legs with the lid of a spinach can (in reference to Popeye, as it seemed Carson would eat the spinach) and then uses one of Jimmy's legs as a golf club to decapitate Jimmy. To add more golf related pun, Jimmy Kimmel's head lands in a garbage can (a "Hole-in-one").

Fight 1: Since both Bow Wow and Romeo had dropped the "Lil'" part of their rap names when they grew up, the Deathmatch crew murdered them so they could be brought back as their "Lil'" selves with the Deathmatch time machine. Bow Wow and Romeo are both murdered before the match by the Deathmatch crew so they could be brought back as children. Lil' Romeo bleeds to death when Lil' Bow Wow chews off his genitals. Also featuring Master P, Lil' Romeo's father.

Fight 2: Lil Wayne walks past his stepfather's gun cabinets three times and shot himself with a pistol, a machine gun, and a bazooka (all in that order). The death occurs off-screen, but Lil Wayne's charred and headless corpse was shown afterwards. Lil Wayne's death is based on him accidentally shooting himself with a gun when he was twelve.

Fight 1: Dave Chappelle has the Taco Bell chihuahua bite Carlos Mencia's neck. And this fight was one of the winning votes in MTV2's pre-season internet poll.

Fight 2: Ashlee shoves a stool and bucket into her Old Nose's nostrils, triggering a powerful sneeze which killed the nose. Shaun White's head is bashed in by a flying tomato, which is smashed by Shaun White's skateboard. This was another pre-season Internet poll winner.

Fight 1: Adrian Grenier is split in half at the torso when Jeremy Piven gives him a bear hug.

Fight 2: Russell Simmons is decapitated by a roundhouse kick. Also featuring God.

Fight 1: While showing Jessica Simpson the correct use of a hand grenade (she throws one without pulling out the pin), Nick Lachey puls out the release pin and blows himself up. Also featuring Kristin Cavallari, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and Joe Simpson.

Fight 2: 50 Cent "shoots" The Game with the nine bullets he had in his body.

Fight 1: Anna Kournikova is decapitated with a headbutt from Danica Patrick but does not die immediately. She lives long enough to lob her own head at Danica Patrick, who herself is decapitated by Anna Kournikova's projectile head.

Fight 2: Chris Pontius is torn in half and decapitated by Zupan's modified wheelchair.

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